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Enlarge your furnace sales.
Presenting our new 33-inch gas furnace line—the only thing small is its size

The new Coleman® 33-inch gas furnaces fit and sell anywhere.

All your sales opportunities just got bigger thanks to better features delivered in a package that’s perfect for low basements, closets and tight attic spaces. It’s all in our new Coleman® Echelon™ and Comforteer™ 33-inch furnaces. With double folded edges, a multi-position design that supports all configurations, rotating doors and simple airflow conversion in less than ten minutes, installation is a breeze. And with a precise modulating rate at .65% increments, our Echelon™ modulating furnaces significantly reduce temperature fluctuations, keeping homeowners in their comfort zone.

The Coleman® Echelon™ Series 9C Modulating Gas Furnace received high accolades from Consumers Digest—further enhancing your selling potential! (Consumers Digest, October 2010 – PDF, 3.5 MB)

Echelon™ models
Comforteer™ models
Fan motor
ECM or standard
Fan speeds
Constant or variable-speed
Door latches
1/4-quick turn
1/4-quick turn
Cabinet design
Firing rates
Modulating .65% increments
80% and up to 98%* AFUE
80% or 95.5% AFUE

* AFUE no lower than 97.5% on all models with variable-speed motor and 97% on all models with PSC motor.

Here are other big advantages that will add to your profits:
  • Coleman® brand recognition: More homeowners link the Coleman® name to quality indoor heating or cooling equipment than they do with so-called “leading” HVAC labels!
  • Backing of Johnson Controls—a world leader in HVAC comfort technology—provides marketing, technical, financial, and training support to energize your business.
  • Extensive business support tools help you thrive even against big-box retailers.
  • Online resources through Net.Prophet™ online training modules keep you in the know 24/7.

98% AFUE rating is one of
the highest in the industry.  

Coleman® Heating and Air Conditioning has got you covered with a truly impressive array of products.

So what are you waiting for? Open more doors to making more money!